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About Us

Kristin and Chris Cooper of Kristin Christopher

Kristin and Chris Cooper, artists behind KRISTIN CHRISTOPHER

Chris and I met in a jewelry class. He had a black eye, and I couldn’t resist making a jab about it. More than 30 years later, we are still using our metalsmithing degrees and making each other laugh.

Our work is a reflection of our lives and our dynamic as married parents who also design together. Love, humor, music, nature, connection, and the strong desire to express individuality are keys to our process, along with the push and pull between precision and free expression: function/play, style/art, geometric/organic, classic/quirky.

Our goal in the studio is to get into the zone of creativity, have fun through the process, and imprint all the positive energy possible into every single piece we make. We love making art for one-of-a-kind people to wear every day, and we hope our work brings a sense of joy each time it’s worn.