About Us

Kristin and Chris Cooper at an art fair.

Artists, Kristin and Chris Cooper


Chris and I met in a jewelry class at KU. He had a black eye, and I couldn’t resist making a joke about it. More than 30 years later, we’re still using our metalsmithing degrees and making each other laugh.

We started Kristin Christopher in 1991, traveling to art fairs and selling our work in boutiques and galleries all over the US. The keys to our yin/yang design collaboration are love, humor, nature, music, texture, and connection, plus a strong desire to express individuality through traditional metalsmithing techniques, sterling silver, gold, copper, and natural gemstones. 

We create mostly one-of-a-kinds and now sell our work exclusively at art fairs and in our online store. Please message or email us if you’re interested in designs you’ve seen on our Instagram or Facebook pages that are not yet available in our shop: kc@kristinchristopher.com. Thank you for your interest in our work!

When we’re not making jewelry, we’re most likely hanging out with our two boys, on a walk, taking photos, learning new things, or snuggling our three dogs.



To make the most of life & our creativity as we design and hand-fabricate jewelry to be worn every day, with the hope of bringing a bit of beauty to the world plus joy, confidence, and peace to all who wear our work.

Young Kristin and Chris
Chris hand-stamping sterling silver
Kristin filing copper

Ring Timelapse Video