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Sharing the Love

by Kristin Cooper May 08, 2020

Sharing the Love

Chris and I are sharing the love during these times of social distancing by bringing smiles (and surprise free sterling silver earrings) to people who need some cheer right now. We asked our friends and customers to nominate someone they know who could use a little pick me up — a loved one, friend, or neighbor on the front lines or struggling with the upheaval of life. 

The nominations poured in, and we reviewed them with our two teenage boys. Collectively, everyone in the world is going through tough times, and some people are going through some incredibly hard things on top of it all. These women’s stories put life into perspective even more -- nothing snaps me out of my own worry and fear paralysis like focusing on these nominees to bring them a little bit of sunshine and support. We are grateful to all those who nominated people they care about. This is definitely a community effort!

With each surprise pair of earrings, we send a note letting the recipient know who nominated them and why they are being appreciated. Of all the stuff bubbling up out of this quarantine, our Share the Love project continues to be a silver lining, keeping us focused on how we can help.

Kristin Christopher Stud Earrings

Chris and I soon decided to go beyond our initial 5 pairs of sterling silver earrings that we set back for this effort, and then something really cool happened ... Jill Anderson and her husband, Jeff, asked to help sponsor our effort. (Um, YES, thank you!) Their generosity allowed us to send happy earrings to 5 more deserving people! We are so grateful!

Jill and Jeff’s gesture inspired us to keep the good vibes rolling even more. Chris and I are continuing to send out more happy earrings to brighten people’s spirits. See our first nominee selections below. We have many, many more in the works!

If you would like to sponsor a pair of earrings, please comment on this blog post or send us an email at



Loved Shared #1

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings by Kristin ChristopherOur first pair of happy earrings went to Alishia, an artist and a painter, nominated by AbbeAlishia is facing a recent cancer diagnosis and new treatments this week. We hope her earrings serve as a little reminder of the love and support that is with her always.

Loved Shared #2

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings by Kristin ChristopherThis pair went to Sonta, who helps our community by leading with uncompromising integrity and bravery … this wife and mother makes sure her team of uniformed police officers remains safe and well through COVID-19 so they can continue to help us all as first responders in this crisis (and beyond!). A big THANK YOU to her (and to all the first responders!). We are grateful for all that you do! Thank you to Ellen for nominating her!



Loved Shared #3 - 5

Kristin Christopher Share the Love packagesHappy earrings are on their way to 3 nurses on the front lines today -- along with big THANK YOUS as they sacrifice for all of our well-being:

Cindy, a long-time respiratory nurse saving lives on the frontlines in KC, KS

Alicia, a caring nurse in MN who recently went above and beyond to bring comfort to a patient (who wasn’t even her patient!)

Kaitlyn, a recent grad in CT working as an oncology nurse for just 7 months before being thrown full force into caring for COVID-positive patients, quarantined from her family

We’ve long thought nurses are angels, and now the whole world knows they are HEROES, too. The positivity, love, respect, and caring these nurses exude is contagious. We are so grateful for all the nurses and healthcare workers! Thank you to Irene, Deb, and Debbie for your nominations!


Loved Shared #6 - 10

Kristin Christopher earrings and boxesOur next pick me up earrings were sent to these deserving women: 

Kim, a stage four cancer survivor/sole breadwinner, whose kids and grandchild are currently living with her while she adjusts to working from home

Lisa, a firefighter in KC, KS who is facing very hard things in her life in addition to being a first responder during COVID-19

Cindy, who devoted 30+ years to working for others and her final weeks of work were spent in quarantine with no face-to-face goodbyes or hugs, and her retirement celebrations are postponed indefinitely

Samantha, who experienced unimaginable loss not long before the pandemic hit. Our hearts go out to her and her husband. We hope they are able to find some peace.

Marlene, a hairstylist who is quarantined alone at home, unable to bring smiles and joy to her clients as she cares for them at the senior center where she works

Our hearts go out to all these women. We wish them peace, and we hope they know they are supported and loved by so many. Thank you for the nominations, Julie, MacKenzie, Jessica, and Meghan!


Loved Shared #11 - 16

Our next batch of happy earrings is on its way to the following rockstar caring women:

- Karen, a high school teacher retiring after nearly 40 years of teaching who had to miss out on her final (in-person) goodbyes with students and staff, instructing her last yearbook and school newspapers, finals, graduation, prom, you name it

Sheryl, who is now without a job due to COVID-19, and all the while, she continues to take care of others, always thinking of everyone else first 

- Vanessa, a high school teacher whose husband has battled cancer for many years, and her father-in-law passed away in March. She is a hero to many

- Jessica, a school teacher reworking her entire curriculum to work online to teach her students, while she also teaches her oldest at home and manages her toddler, all while her husband is working from home as well

- Cara, a 6th-grade teacher who is teaching her own children at home plus her 6th graders via Zoom. She's focused on doing her best to keep everyone engaged and making sure her students and her own children know how important they are to her and how fun it is to learn

- Hanna, a nurse working long hours, distanced from her family, who loves to make others a priority. She's doing her best to post happy Instagram messages to remind others to smile and hang in there while she puts her life on the line as a nurse.

Thank you to Regan, Amy, Tania, Tarah, Marsha, and Kathy for your nominations!


Loved Shared #17 - 23

Our high school senior, helping us deliver lots more happy earrings to these deserving women all over the US:

Mary, a loving, giving mother and grandmother who is isolating alone, unable to see her grandkids, and unable to continue her daily visits to see her daughter who lives in a nursing home.

Emily, a single mother (and miraculous juggler) quarantined at home, homeschooling 2 of her kids (while managing her toddler), and working fulltime + overtime to better her life.

Tracy, a giving and caring nurse on the front lines of this pandemic since the beginning.

Elliene, a high school senior unable to participate in milestones like prom and all the "lasts" of senior year, plus, she's missing out on being on the swim team with her freshman sister, a one-time opportunity they'd looked forward to for years.

Brandie, a hardworking single mother under a great deal of stress with a heart of gold who always does kind acts for others.

Emma, a high school senior (and future nurse) who is making the best of her disappointing senior year: she's sewing masks and donating a portion of her proceeds to those affected by Covid-19 and helping out her grandparents by doing her sewing at their home.

Mary, a manager of a large essential business -- working extra hours and trying to keep her staff safe -- all the while on the front lines since Covid-19 hit, risking her own health and the health of her family.

Pandemic fatigue is real. Hugs to all these women, we will get through this! Thank you to Chrissy, Brandi, Sharon, Emily, Joyce, Donna, and Cassandra for your nominations!


Loved Shared #24 - 30

Our 8th grader, helping us share lots more love!

- Ashleywho is navigating this pandemic while pregnant with her first baby, facing doctor’s appointments without her husband and separation from her friends and loved ones.

- Connie, a loving, caring and helpful grandmother, who is separated from her loved ones during the quarantine.

- Maddy, who is sequestered in her tiny studio apartment away from her family, loved ones and friends, trying to stay focused on her studies and persevere.

- Sunnie, a caring mother who is making ends meet the best she can, missing the support of her mother-in-law and the time they spend together during their sewing lessons as quarantine keeps them separated.

- Fonda, a caring soul who is quarantining alone away from her grandkids and family, only leaving the house to deliver meals and cookies to friends who are struggling with health hardships.

- Mary, who fell ill and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, unable to see her family. We are happy to hear Mary is recovering at home. We wish her the best of health and life as she quarantines alone.

- Ann, a hardworking businesswoman who works with her husband and quarantines with him. That’s just a whole lot of pressure in a small cooker. (Chris and I can empathize … working together and quarantining together during a pandemic presents its own level of stress and challenge!).

We hope our earrings bring smiles to these women during these challenging times, and we hope they’re able to begin connecting more with their friends and families very soon)!

The value of connecting with the people we care about is a silver lining throughout this pandemic (as silversmiths, we’re always on the lookout for silver linings, haha). Thank you to Sarah, Connie, Libby, Mara, Sydney, and Catherine for your nominations!

We are working on more surprises! Please return back for more nominee selection updates. Thank you for your nominations, comments, encouragement, and support in this effort to bring a little good to others!


Kristin & Chris


This beautiful sunflower and monarch photo is by nature photographer (and happy earring sponsor), Jill Anderson. See her gorgeous photos at Heart & Smile Creative Consulting, LLC.


Kristin Cooper
Kristin Cooper


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