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Gifts in the Making

Chris doesn’t know I took this photo … it’s my view into the studio on Christmas Eve. He made me vow to stay out the days leading up to Christmas so I wouldn’t ruin the surprises he was making for me. 2016 was a wonderful and busy year for us, our busiest yet, and we were working away on gift orders well into the 3rd week of December. So when Chris decided to spend the last days before Christmas working in the studio, the timing was a bit tough. I would have liked his help prepping for the holidays, our house guests, and our youngest son’s birthday, but I realized the best gift I could give Chris – the thing that would make him the happiest – was to leave him alone to create.

I love this photo. He has no idea I’m there because he’s working with the loud engraver and wearing ear protection. His bench is evidence of the happy madness of our busy holiday season, and the boys’ photos and artwork right above are sweet reminders of what’s most important to us and ultimately why we work so hard.

Over those days I’d sometimes stop to watch him in the zone of hammering, soldering and making … happy, challenged and at peace. It’s hard to put into words how satisfying this is to witness. (It also didn’t hurt that I was excited to see what treasures would be under the tree for me.) #luckygirl #merry2016

-- No surprises were ruined in the taking of this photo, by the way. Pics of my gifts coming soon …

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