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Crescent Moon, Daisy & Labradorite Necklace

This design came together in the best way possible, through play. While listening to music, feeling relaxed and happy in the studio one afternoon, I started playing with about a dozen shapes on my desk and inadvertently put these three shapes together. I originally created these shapes with two completely different pendant designs in mind. This crescent moon/flower/spiral combo is different than anything I’ve designed before, yet I couldn't bring myself to go back to my original plan. There was something about this trio … feeling drawn to follow my curiosity of the symbolism of these shapes, I knew after researching, this design is a definite keeper.

This pendant is jam-packed with meaning: "Give thanks for life's lessons, follow your curiosities moving toward new beginnings with compassion, wisdom and power. Calmly let go and release creativity and self-expression through play and simplicity."

This detailed sterling silver crescent moon, daisy & spiral pendant swings from a hand-stamped sterling circle and a “Y” of faceted rondelle iridescent blue/gray labradorite beads. A subtle patina brings out the textural details. Shiny finish. Sterling silver cable chain with lobster clasp. 

Pendant measures approximately 1" wide by 1" high and overall length is 26.5”.