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THE BLUE COLLECTION - Inspired by my childhood

My mom and I would lay under a tree, studying the negative space between the branches and shapes in big puffy clouds. She taught me to appreciate the intricacies of each leaf and embroider handmade gifts. Horses and cows lived on the other side of our fence. We camped along the river, swam at the lake, cartwheeled down the hill, gave butterfly kisses, and played with puppies (so many puppies!).

This patina batch took four days for the copper’s chemical reaction to match the bright to deep blues with hints of greens I envisioned with the roll-print “barbed wire” textures. I paired these textural blues with sterling silver and some of my mom’s favorite gems: amazonite, rubies, freshwater pearls, and sunny citrine. The spirit behind this collection: “Kick back and enjoy life.”