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A Whole New Gemmy Palette

DEFINITION OF gemmy = Like a gem, especially in being bright, glittering, or sparkling.

Chris and I love scouring the gem and mineral shows for exceptional gemstones to use in our jewelry. Sometimes entire designs come to mind when we uncover particular stones. We get pretty serious in our treasure hunting, it's like we both get into a “zone.” Even Chris, who is almost always joking around, is deliberate and quiet with his head down, scanning the rows and rows of beads on what seems like miles and miles of tables. We’re always searching for those rare and special beads. Pictured are some of our favorite finds from last weekend’s show.

Gem stone beads

Top Left – Chrome Diopside (Green) – Country of Origin: Russia

Top Center – (Left) Faceted Square Hessonite Garnet – Country of Origin: Sri Lanka; (Right) Faceted Square Smoky Quartz -- Countries of Origin: Scotland, US

Top Right – Faceted Rondelle and Square Amethysts – Country of Origin: Brazil

Bottom Half

(Top) Apatite – Country of Origin: Madagascar

(Center) Amazonite – Country of Origin: South Africa

(Bottom) Lapis Lazuli – Countries of Origin: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Chile

After gem hunts like this we add new beads and cabochons to our gem palette, and “inspired” doesn’t quite do the feeling justice … giddy, is more like it. I feel like a kid on Christmas with brand new unwrapped toys. We are working on sterling silver pieces to go with these beauties, getting ready for this weekend’s show, Gift Gallery at Cure’ of Ars in Leawood, KS. We love this show benefiting local Kansas City charities for children and families!

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