• 3 Pieces of Jewelry Inspiration

by Kristin Cooper March 13, 2018

Every single day is Jewelry Day to us, but today, March 13, it’s OFFICIAL: Happy National Jewelry Day! I’m celebrating today by sharing my story of pieces inspiring me at a very young age to make jewelry. 

My mom created this favorite first piece when she was in college, long before I was even a thought. She majored in art and became a 2-dimensional artist, drawing with pastels and painting with oils and watercolor. She has mad drawing skills and taught me to draw at a young age, yet even as a little kid I preferred to build things with my hands over drawing. That brings a little clarity to why her sculptures from college captivated me the most. We joke that our 50-year-old gray family cat is still snuggling near my mom’s fireplace … it’s so darn peaceful (and ceramic).

Her sterling silver sculptural jewelry is by far my favorite. As a kid, I studied this silver flower pin from all angles. I still love how the variety of depth and line weight -- the thickness and thinness of the flower petals -- appear painterly, like a gesture drawing or a pencil sketch. As a kid and still now, I love to wear the pin partly because my mom made it, and partly because whatever I wear shows through the negative space within the petals. So, a red sweater = red petals. (Or more likely, during and since college, a black sweater = black petals!)

Sterling Silver Fish Pin

I love what she chose to include and exclude in the sterling silver fish pin, how the lines angle and taper, creating a gesture of a fish that appears to swim. It looks so simple and effortless, but pulling off this result is no easy feat. What can I say … my mom is one talented woman.

Sterling Silver Aztec Calendar Pin

She purchased the Aztec calendar pin simply because she wanted a piece that was silver and black. I was instantly drawn to it, and I think I loved it way more than she did. This piece is instrumental in my intrigue with symbolic and cultural jewelry, including amulets and talismans.

I used to wear this piece all the time in high school and college, and one of the things that intrigued me the most about it was the back. It can be worn as a pin or as a necklace on a chain. The concept of versatile jewelry continues to interest me.

Back of the Sterling Silver Aztec Calendar Pin

All three of these pieces contain two things we love and continue to use all the time: sterling silver with a black patina. Hubba, hubba.

If you are in the mood to celebrate National Jewelry Day, here are some traditional ways to celebrate this day: give or receive jewelry, recognize your favorite jewelers, and/or wear your favorite pieces of jewelry. Or give my option a try: dig through your old jewelry and rediscover what inspires you.

I’d love to see the influences that inspired you as a kid (jewelry or otherwise)! I’m fascinated by the creative process and acting on our inspiration. I would love to hear your stories … what do you remember from childhood that made you want to create something … anything? Send me a comment or a DM. Maybe I’ll start a club … (or a support group, haha!).



Kristin Cooper
Kristin Cooper


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