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Two Creative Squares in One Round Blog

Chris and I talked for 3 ½ hours straight recently about things that are important to us as individuals and the business-side of our jewelry. Those of you who know us well understand Chris and I are very different people. Putting two creative people into one business, especially two very different creative personalities, makes developing one vision (and writing about it) challenging. I’ve been holding back … and Chris feels the same. As of today, we are sharing more of our story here in our blog. His side, my side, the real stuff. The truth, the imperfect, the challenging stuff, the funny stuff, the good stuff.

So what are we dealing with? Remember Donnie and Marie’s song … she’s a little bit country, and he’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll?* Well, Chris is a little bit programmer/comedian, and I’m a little bit yogi/hippie. He’s all logic & jokes, and I’m all feeling & “there’s a yoga pose for that!” 

Thankfully, the constant humor/compassion tossed around our house contributes to us being well-rounded parents ... and also makes it challenging to sum "us" up into one single brand tagline. "Fart jokes, Love & Light" ... just doesn't cut it, haha.

In the studio, we collaborate on nearly every single piece we make, and in many ways our creative visions align closely, especially after all these years of working together. Our intention for our blog is to celebrate our differences a bit more openly, and see where it leads us ... hopefully to creating even cooler jewelry, growing our community of friends who "get" us, and having more fun with life. For the record, I'm pretty certain Chris would never use the term, "celebrate our differences." (Ah, this is already liberating!) 

*If you are too young to know Donnie & Marie's variety show from the ‘70’s, you’re in for a real treat with this video. It may partially explain why your parents are so weird. Keep in mind, there was only this option to watch on Friday nights:

We’d love your input in this blog journey! Is there something you’d like to know about us, our jewelry, or our creative processes? Do you have a suggestion for our tagline? What's your tagline?? Please comment or send us an email or personal message. Your question or insight may end up inspiring our next blog post.


Kristin & Chris



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  • Kristin on

    Thank you, Mitch! Of course the marketing guy will have a tagline suggestion – I love it! Now, what do you have for Chris? Haha ;-)

  • Mitch on

    Love your writing style and the fact that you’re sharing more of your story! Tagline: Kristin Christopher: Inspiring Art ;)

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